Age 69

Hi, I’m Nancey. I’m 69 years old. Child free, spouse free, activist, adventurer, out Lesbian. I was born in Los Angeles, CA, and grew up in Columbus, Ohio, Atlanta, GA, and Pittsburgh PA. Yes, I’m a Steelers fan. Also, a Sox fan!

I retired from teaching English at Chicago City Colleges. Graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Arts, double major French Language & Literature; Chinese Language History & Culture. Earned a Certificate in Computer Programming from DePaul University. Earned a Masters’ Degree in Linguistics / Teaching English as a Second Language from Northeastern Illinois University.

Have earned my living as a fish cutter, garment worker, publication production artist, computer programmer, systems administrator, English & ESL teacher. Have worked in Nicaragua, China, and Turkey. Have traveled throughout Asia and Europe.

Have played sports most of my life: HS/College basketball & volleyball, semi-pro women’s football, karate, tai chi chuan, tai chi sword.

Have been an activist most of my life. Helped organize the first Reproductive Rights March on Washington (1974). Have been a workplace organizer, as well. At ComEd, I became one of the organizers of CEEGLO (ComEd Employees Gay & Lesbian Organization). We inaugurated Com Ed’s participation in the annual Pride Parade in 1997. At the garment factory, I was fired for attempting to organize a Union. At City Colleges, I was a Union Steward for most of my years there.

Somewhere in all of this, I discovered Buddhism, and began a sitting meditation practice at The Buddhist Temple of Chicago. In 2017, I took refuge vows at my Sangha. (Taking refuge vows in Buddhism is similar to Confirmation in a Christian church.)

In 1978, I was a zombie in George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. Original edition.

I’m always looking to connect with people and learn about their lives, their stories, and perhaps find commonality.

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