All Together Now! A Queer Game of Time and Place

We hope you enjoy this trivia game set in queer chicago.As you make your way around the board, remember that the places represented here are all meaningful to the queer creators and the trivia can encapsulate only a fraction of that essence. Many of the bars and community areas are now gone or changed in some significant way, but they still exist in the lives of the queer people who found community in them.

Creating this game was an effort to bring some of those spaces back from the edge of memory and to gather them together with the new queer spaces. Think of this as something of a document of lineage.Maybe you don’t know all the places or people or songs included in the trivia cards or on the board, but this is your chance to get to know them.“History” really isn’t so long ago, it happens in the same amount of time it takes to ride the L.

Authors: Goeffrey and Emily

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