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Summer Comics Workshop

In the summer of 2021, two of our younger participants, Fox and Rain, created and ran an intergenerational comics workshop. A small group of youngers and elders from the dialogue project met bi-weekly over Zoom to create a comics zine. Together, mostly over Zoom, they came up with a plan of approach, topic, and artistic style, and created the materials through skill sharing and co-making.
Gay Generations: A Comic Anthology

Gay Generations is a comic anthology made during the summer of 2021 by four participants of The LGBTQ+...

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More Projects by Dialogue Participants

We Are Everywhere Chicago
28 November 2023
Exploring space and community of LGBTQ+ Chicago through interviews with QPOC and transgender elders....
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Alphabet Soup
28 November 2023
ExTV presents: Alphabet Soup. LGBT, LGBTQIA+, Queer, deviant; the community uses lots of terms to describe...
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15 February 2021
by Marti Smith I once had a T shirt that read “Farm Grown and Illinois Good.” I grew...
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A Conversation on "Butch"
01 September 2020
A recorded conversation over Zoom between members of the project on lesbian identity and the evolution...
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Conscious Preservation
01 June 2020
by Todd Williams Aging sheds skinLayers so thinYou change before you know it.Youth with beautyPride...
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Two Poems
15 May 2020
Photograph by Lucy Elam   Perihelion As the earth sweeps from perihelion towards July’s aphelion,The...
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How We Love You
07 May 2020
the first in a series of letters Do not cry for us, dear ones.There is no cause for grieving, here,...
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07 May 2020
Music by Lillian Climo Throughout quarantine, I have been doing my best to remain creative. Sometimes...
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Queers in Opera
07 April 2020
Opera fans who are lgtbq or + may wonder if we are represented in opera. We are, but, like many of us...
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