2021-2022 Projects

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Our Alternative Archive Chat Song Media Mixtape What is Ur Queer Lens

Image: Still from John Waters’ film Pink Flamingos This is a documentation mixtape of conversations we...

LGBTQ Spaces

This map contains both archival and interview research of LGBTQ community and space for LGBTQ individuals...

All Together Now! A Queer Game of Time and Place

We hope you enjoy this trivia game set in queer chicago.As you make your way around the board, remember...

Roads to LGBTQ+ Community Housing - A Combination Board Game & Educational Tool

This project includes a game board, two decks of cards, an instructions booklet, and an envelope to hold...

Communal Altar to Queer Safety and Home

Our altar project grew from the idea of using the birdcage as a metaphor for home, safety, freedom, and...