He/Him/His Age: Born March 9, 1948

Grew up in Detroit MI and graduated from Michigan State University. I moved to Evanston one year ago. Previously I lived in New Mexico for 25 years with my male partner in the Zuni mountains off-the-grid and without running water. We did lots of chopping wood, hauling water, and building construction. After my partner died, I moved to the Santa Fe area and then I lived in Albuquerque for that last six years. I had a comfortable life but ready for a new experience of big-city-living with opportunities for culture and to become part of the gay community and the possibility of finding life-partner. Also to be near to my 2 grandsons (5 & 11) and my older son who live in Desplaines.

I enjoy diversity and meeting all kinds of people. I appreciate living in Chicago with such a variety of ethnic groups and their cultures. I am retired and have many interests and looking for to make friends who share these activities. I can be outgoing, curious, friendly, and compassionate. However, my nature is more of an introvert. I enjoy quiet time with myself, with nature and horses. I am a yoga instructor and I live a healthy balanced lifestyle. I have a daily practice including yoga and meditation. My hobbies and interests include: documentary film videography; black and white film photography especially children, men, portraits and nudes; bicycle touring, hiking and walking, world travel, swimming, interior design, cooking. Volunteer work includes: Hospice companion, Big Brothers/Big Sisters Organization, Therapeutic Horseback riding. 5 years ago I spent 3 months touring Europe by rail, made many friends.

I joined this project because I have had a very rich life full of wonderful experiences. I have acquired much wisdom I want to share to support young people in their journey. I learn from people of all ages and this project provides a unique opportunity. We inspire each other: young people inspire me with their excitement and enthusiasm and energy. Children help me to remember to play more and to work less.

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