He/They Age 25

I am Ankit Khadgi, born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal. I grew up in a pretty patriarchal and heteronormative family like most Nepali people do. However, a trip to Germany in 2017 changed everything for me. I started expressing my queerness more openly and embraced it without any fear.

Right now I am in a state where I want to help others to feel comfortable with their queer bodies and live a dignified life. Professionally speaking, I am a writer, a journalist and a grad student. I have keen interest in communism, queer history, race, caste, and issues related to gender and sexuality.

I love organizing protests, rallies, parties and events. My dream is to write a Queer Communist Manifesto before I die.

I joined The Project to meet with queer folks like me who have tons of stories to share. And also learn from their life experiences and mistakes.

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