She/Her Age: born 1950

I grew up in a conservative town in the Pacific Northwest. I was quite miserable and wished that my life would end. In my adolescence, I took up alcohol and other drugs with a passion. Around 1981 I developed some freedom from these habits and have been totally clean since 1996. Around 2017, I made two major changes in my life: I took up the study of physics and embarked on a gender transition. About the same time, my misery abated and life became sweet, although not without challenges. I still struggle to balance my energy and feelings. I recently resigned from a technology business venture in order to allow time for pursuit of Christian and Buddhist spirituality and participation in the Intergenerational Dialog Project. I have been involved in the community of LGBTQA+ persons recovering from addiction for many years. I am single.

I wish to maintain and enhance my connection with the part of me that is young and vital. I hope that, through the lens of relationship, I can better know myself and my Higher Power, who I call God. I feel profound gratitude for the new lease on life I have been given and hope to share this joy with others.

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