Allie n Steve Mullen

Allie n Steve is a contextually contingent, trans-feminine, gender- mobile father. A nationally recognized composer, music producer, singer and songwriter with over 25 years experience composing and producing music for film and TV, they have composed music for over 500 national TV commercials and over 100 feature length documentaries and independent films. As an Associate Professor, Adj. at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, their days are spent exploring the intersection of music & film, with an emphasis on the cultural role of music. This fascination has led to the creation of an album built around early American field recordings, and the coming production of a one-person performance. This performance - part concert, part personal story-telling, part multi-media spectacle - positions the trans identity of Allie n Steve as a way of interrupting one-dimensional ways of viewing our racial past, by examining the effect of gender and class instability on racial construction and interaction, as Allie extends the grace to Steve that he is not able to extend to himself.

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