He/Him Age 81

I was among the first psychologists to offer gay-affirmative psychotherapy back in the late 70s and early 80s. The need for culturally competent care for LGBT people spurred my professional activism. I have been an activist within professional psychology for LGBT concerns, served on the board of IMPACT (the first gay PAC in Illinois), and am in Chicago's Hall of Fame. I still have a small practice.. That led to volunteer rand professional work during the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

In 2017 I taught the first workshop on LGBTQ psychology in Wuhan, China. I introduced the first course on sexual orientation to the curriculum of one of Chicago's Psy.D. programs. It may have been the first anywhere in Chicago.

In July 2021, when I turned 80, I married my partner of 27 years. (We're still married!)

It is important to me at this juncture of life to know and understand the experience of new generations, what they care about, what they want to achieve and the hurdles and barriers to achieving their goals, and what is fun today.

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