They/Them; He/Him or Neopronouns Sometimes Age 21

Hello! My name is (Lily) Basil MacLachlan. I am an androgyne originally from a small town in North Carolina. I moved to Chicago to study at SAIC, and I plan on staying here once I graduate undergrad in 2024. I love North Carolina, but in Chicago I finally feel like I’ve found my “people”. I have mostly been in my school’s social bubble, though, so I’m really looking forward to connecting with queer elders. It is important to me to have older queer people in my life, because I had to figure a lot of queerness out for myself in North Carolina; it’s frankly quite isolating. I am scheduled to start testosterone and am also now in a T4T relationship, so I feel the need to connect with my community more than ever. There is so much more to learn and discover about our history, our intertwined oppressions and liberation, transness, gender and sexuality, and I look forward to discovering it alongside y’all.

My goal for the near future is finishing the graphic novel/fiber arts project that I’m working on. It’s about death, mental health, homosociality, and catboys. Aside from making art, I spend my time seeing friends, going to clubs and dance, see drag shows such as the illustrious MX. ECTOMY, cooking, and taking care of my 7 children (my plants). I look forward to meeting each one of you!

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