Baz Pugmire

They/Them/Theirs Age 23

My name is Baz Pugmire and I am a nonbinary comic artist/illustrator/author. I'm a Michigander born + raised, so I grew up 15 mins from MSU campus and attended undergrad there for a degree in the Arts and Humanities with minors in history and comics. (Go Green!) Currently, I'm a new Chicago resident taking on the adventure of grad school! I'm getting a MFA in writing at SAIC, still in my first year. I love D&D, my cat Paisley, compassionate storytelling & community building.

I joined the project because in my undergrad years, my favorite class was a Queer Archiving class. One of my favorite things we learned about was the Lesbian Herstory Archive & I really wanted to incorporate some kind of similarily egalitarian preservation of every-day queer voices into my practice. I have a personal instance within my family where I felt this queer family member was not talked about enough and that instance sparked this passion, but the passion now has evolved into the world of the living. (Rest in peace, Uncle Tommy.)

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