He/Him/His Age: Born in 1958

I am Dwight. I'm a gay Japanese American man, a writer currently finishing his memoir, The Invention of Fireflies. I am an SGI buddhist. I have lived in Chicago my whole life. I am semi-retired. I also do therapeutic cuddling and professional caregiving. I am happier today as an elder gay man than I was in my younger days. I have an awesome circle of friends who have become my family. I am the last of my immediate family. I love books, movies, food exploration, cuddling, conversation and building community.

I think it's important for generations to feel connected, to learn from each other. As a single man who does not have children, I would like to share experiences with the younger generation and vice versa. In my circle of friends, diversity has always been important. I like diversity in gender, orientation, age, experience, ethnicity, etc. I'm curious to know the experiences/challenges of youth, as well as my elder peers.

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