Also of interest: I/you/we
Age 74

I was born queer in 1948 in Atlantic City, NJ, and identify as she/her. I am also neuro atypical which, even more confusingly, did not have a helpful vocabulary until very recently. I got a BS in Art Education which turned out to be Into To Everything and Nothing in Particular. It has suited my creativity, and my continuing education has been wildly random, allowing me to queer the box.

Artist, as an identity, has been my safe space in the crack between the binaries. I met the woman beyond my dreams in a Quaker Meeting in NYC when we were both middle-aged, and added Wife as another identity. Now I’m exploring Elder as an identity.

I’m curious about the whole enterprise of finding/creating an identity that fits. How have other elders done it? How are youngers doing it? A big breakthrough in my education was a sermon: God don’t make junk. I’ve considered it the biggest creative adventure to figure out what God has wrought and how to be it. So how are we being it, and celebrating it?

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