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Members of the project, past and present, have taken opportunities to plan and participate in group events. These events are not always planned by the project, and are a way to continue fostering the community and found families through dialogue meetings.

Faculty facilitators at the LGTBQ Research Symposium

2023 Panel Presentation for Northshore Senior Center’s Lunch and Learn

“The Success and Challenges of an LGBTQ+ Intergenerational Dialogue Project”

Project participants Molly Fulop, Phyllis Johnson, and Joseph Henry joined Karen Morris (project co-facilitator) and Britta Larson (Senior Services Director, Center on Halsted) for a panel presentation for social service providers on the “successes, challenges, and power” of LGBTQ+ intergenerational programming.

Together, and through our various lenses, we reflected on the following prompts, while also creating space for audience members to guide the discussion:

  • What happens when older and younger LGBTQ+ people come together in sustained dialogue?
  • In what ways has pleasure and pain manifested in our LGBTQ+ intergenerational dialogues?
  • What have been points of tension and harmony in our intergenerational dialogue work?
  • How do LGBTQ+ people change through the process of coming together in intergenerational dialogue?

Friendsiving Potluck 2023