Jamila Johnson

She/They Age 25

Jamila Johnson is a Black lesbian artist, administrator, facilitator, activist, and storyteller from eastern Iowa. She received her BFA in Integrated Studio Arts from Iowa State University and is currently pursuing an M.A. in Art Administration and Policy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

I identify with the cisgender and non-binary labels, and am the eldest in a family of daughters. My personal practice involves art education, community engagement, and creation. My artwork intertwines the perceived normalcy of everyday life with fantastical narratives and nostalgia, creating works with which anyone can relate. I am an advocate for inclusive and progressive curricula, alternative forms of education, and involving STEAM concepts to impact and affirm the experiences of every child.

My future goals include, 1.) establishing a non-profit organization specializing in arts education programming for QTBIPOC children and families, 2.) researching the connections between generational trauma, historical narratives, and found families in LGBT and BIPOC spaces, and 3.) using my art, voice, and story to improve the lives of Black and brown LGBTQ+ families through education, advocacy, and community art engagement.

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