She/Her Age: born 1947

Born and raised in Chicago, and grew up on the northwest side of Chicago. Went to Maine West high school in Des Plaines, and graduated from Roosevelt University. My career work started in 1972. I worked for the State of Illinois for 39 years in social services, in different capacities.

My political work began when I became a feminist, and joined the Chicago branch of Wages for Housework, an international feminist group, in the 1970’s. I came out in 1978, and have been active in lesbian community/culture. I was a collective member and co-producer at Mountain Moving Coffeehouse, for 24 years, from 1981-2005. During this time, the Michigan Women’s Music Festival, feminist bookstores, and other festivals and women’s coffeehouses sprung up all over the country. There was a huge women’s music network, and performers traveled from city to city. I have volunteered at, and attended various women’s music festivals and gatherings, throughout the years.

Currently, I’m a member of the LBTQ Giving Council of Chicago Foundation for Women, the Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame, ILS (Institute of Lesbian Studies,) and participate in W.A.C.T. (Women of All Colors/Cultures Together) gatherings.

I’m joining this project, to learn from/better understand, younger LGBTQ adults - share herstory - focus on building community.

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