Kerry Fleming

He/Him/His Age 68

Grew up in Richmond, Virginia. Chicago has been my home base since my college years.

I’m a community organizer and activist, addressing multiple LGBTQIA issues over the years. I worked for LGBTQ rights during the 1970’s. I worked for AIDS rights in the 1980s-90s with such organizations as Act-Up Chicago, The Names Project, GMHC, to name a few.

My work has also included an educational component, as I have held teaching positions at Loyola University, student mentor work for CPS as well as multiple trainings on subjects such as LGBTQ issues, trauma and male sexual assault.

I am one of the founding members of Lighthouse Foundation Of Chicago, which promotes black, queer led, social justice organization that advances justice for black queer individuals through empowerment, education and entertainment.

I am very excited about joining the Dialog project for the opportunity to share and learn at an Intergenerational level with these topics and more.

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