Lou Brousek

I was born in 1952. I Had 12 years of Catholic education.I was admitted to U of I Champaign in 1970 as a Music major(piano speciality). I got a student job in the Chemistry Department as a technician in 1972 so I switched majors to Chemistry.

I learned a valuable skill in the Chem Lab (Mass Spectrometry) and left Champaign in 1976.I came to Chicago and got a good jop at the IIT Research Institute as an Associate Chemist for 21 years.

I met the woman who eventually became my wife in a northside bar in 1978.

We married in Canada in 2003.She passed away in 2010. We were together for 32 years.

I miss her terribly.

Mirabile dictu! At 71 years of age I now have a partner in life! Never give up never surrender

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