Lucy Elam

(she/her) I grew up in Bloomington, Indiana an area known for it’s beautiful fall colors. Spring, however, is the most beautiful season when redbud, dogwood, and crabapples array themselves against soft light green leaves that slowly unfurl in the warming, dappled sunlight. Opera permeated my waking hours. My mother often sang along with recordings of Jussi Bjoerling, a leading tenor during the 50s, while ironing my father’s shirts. Music remains an essential aspect of my life. When not confronted with a pandemic, I sing each week in a local church. I moved to the Chicago area in 1977 after completing a Bachelors degree in Environmental Health Sciences. After working as a Compliance Officer for OSHA, I returned to school to earn a Masters degree in Public Health, specifically Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences at the School of Public Health at what is now the University of Illinois at Chicago. I devoted my career to protecting the health and safety of workers in the Chicago area. I took an early retirement several years ago and worked briefly as a medical writer and editor. I am fully retired now and devote my time to gardening, reading, hiking and traveling. (Fall 2019-Present)

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