They/Them & He/Him Age: born in 2000

I was born and raised in Chicago, with family on both the West and South sides of the city. In 2022, I graduated from Kenyon College with a bachelor's degree in Anthropology. I am currently a second year masters student in SAIC's Visual and Critical Studies program. I'm interested in studying culture and the lack of cultural 'truths' in minority populations, as well as media analysis to learn more about the relation between creator and consumer within the cultural framework of said media.

As a Black, queer, trans, and disabled person I find it important to connect pasts and presents that may seem disparate among minorities in our world. In the case of queer stories, I personally have an investment in engaging with queer Chicago folks especially elders. It is so important for younger people to see and embrace queer futurity, especially in their local communities. As an anthropologist, cultural particularities among queer communities are something I'm extremely interested in. I hope to be able to engage with the project to supplement my learning and experience with these particular aspects of queer culture and their evolution across time.

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