Marti Smith

(she/her) Born and raised an Illinois farm girl and a fifty year resident of Chicago, I am a 74 year old card carrying lesbian feminist, not separatist. In 1997, at age 52, I was diagnosed with advanced throat cancer. I was treated in the old County Hospital system, and after six months of aggressive chemotherapy and radiation, emerged cancer free and remain so today. The aggressive nature of the treatment left me with numerous mild to severe permanent side effects. Controlling some of these side effects required the use of very expensive drugs. Back then, health insurance could be denied based on prexisting conditions, which certainly describes me and thousands of people in my age group as having "financial catastrophic illness". I say that The Center on Halsted has saved my life. This is not much of an exaggeration. I have used nearly every program offered by the Center and its' superior staff. So, doing what I can to represent the Center is the very least I can do to attempt to pay back for what I have received. (Fall 2019-Present)

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