She/Her Age 24

Hi my name is Saida, and I am an Afro-Caribbean artist and researcher from Harlem, NY. I graduated from SUNY Purchase, where I obtained a BFA in Photography and Art History. I am currently an MA candidate for Visual and Critical Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

I use my passion for art to create conversations around topics and events that affect me and my community. I use a mixture of contemporary and archival images from various timelines to create a dynamic narrative of the past. I want my practice to create a brave and safe space for people to have conversations around difficult topics.

I love astrology and sharing archival images. I love learning about history and how it pertains to blackness and art. Especially, when it comes to connecting history across communities. Furthermore, I am trying out different mediums besides photography. I want to expand my practice from photography to mix-media art.

I decided to join this project because it is important to highlight, archive, and share Black queer history. We have a tradition of oral history in the queer community, and sometimes our stories perish with us. I want to continue this project with my peers and the elders to aid in the preservation of our history through art.

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