Sainte Gomez

They/Them/Theirs Age 20

Sainte Gomez (they/them) is a 20 year old genderfluid dyke from rural northeastern Pennsylvania. They moved from North Carolina to Chicago in August of 2021 to pursue their dreams of exploring and pushing the boundaries of gender, sexuality, the human form, and more recently, their personal experiences with OCD. They do this through a multitude of mediums and don’t find themselves bound to one field.

Although Chicago is where they call home, Pennsylvania holds unique memories of childhood deep in the Poconos and will always have a special place in Sainte’s heart. Despite hardships growing up “different” in a small town, they’re thankful for the person it crafted.

Outside of art making, you can find Sainte at home with their 3 cats, working at and/or visiting funky new coffee shops, adopting plants, scrounging for vinyls and going to local shows!

I decided to join this project for a multitude of reasons! That includes expanding my understanding and view on the queer experience and, in a way, show thanks to the queer community that helped me survive some very traumatizing times in the past year.

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