Thi Bateman

They/Them Age: born 2003

I am Thi Bateman pronounced like T, I was born and raised in Louisiana, and I’ve been practicing art for as long as I can remember! My interest in art started when I was very young; all my life I have found myself surrounded by art in various, sometimes unconventional forms. For example, my mother is a florist, as well as the fact that I was semi-raised in New Orleans which itself is built on the arts. In this I have started to branch out into making art surrounding my gender relations as a queer-trans person. Which is why I am very excited to join the LGBTQ+Dialouges project. I would love to hear from elder queers as growing up where I'm from and in the communities I was in, I feel I never had much representation of any sort of elder queers. So all in all this will be a new experience that I am very excited for!!

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