They/Them Age: born 1999

(Social Work Intern)

Hi, I’m Toby! I am a current second year master’s student at the Crown Family School of Social Work at The University of Chicago. I was born in Baltimore, MD but I have spent about half of my life living in Pennsylvania, in various towns across the state. My bachelor’s degree is in political science with a minor in women and gender studies. My change in trajectory from political science to social work came about because I realized that I wanted to work directly with the people I sought to support. My experiences working side-by-side with people has shown me more than any textbook.

I am new to the project this year and I do not know what I will learn but I know that this experience will expand my knowledge and worldview and I am endlessly excited for that! I am hoping to take this chance to get to meet more members of the community and build connections I often wouldn’t have the chance to form. I am also an avid fan of several kpop groups, a large swath of anime and manga, and a bunch of books.

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