Any Age 19

My name is Willow Lipson and I am an interdisciplinary artist in my second year at SAIC. My work primarily aims to celebrate transness and gender non-conformity through colorful and joyous performances and crochet pieces.

My primary art form and biggest passion is drag, where I am known as Double Mx. Ectomy. Back home in NYC, I produce a outdoor summertime drag show series called Lil Park Drag Show. It is free and open to all, aims to spread and celebrate queer joy, and make the art of drag accessible to everyone.

In the future I intend to work with kids, creating comfortable and encouraging spaces for them to explore and express their identities through art and connect with their community. I joined this project to connect with and learn from my community, and to expand my understanding and appreciation for the multitudes of queer experiences that exist. I know I have a lot to learn, and I hope to learn things I can pass down to the next generation.

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