Love Letters

Dear visitors,

This exhibit is dedicated to people whom we loved and to people who loved us. Love is what connects us and keeps us together. These love letters show the different ways we experienced love during our life. While still relying on paper to write letters, we have also used other mediums like paintings, fiber, found objects, and calligraphy to express our emotions.

Our inspirations were: our own lives, letters written in the past by LGBTIQA+ folks archived in Gerber/Hart Library & Archives, the story of the Pride flag and how it came to be, old artworks with queer representation, and “My Dearest Boy”— a collection of love letters written by gay men. Through our letters, we are giving a peek into our history, present and even future. We are having fun, making each other read our letters, and even teaching each other a few art-making skills.

Please feel free to compose a love letter and place it in the accompanying box.


Baz, Ankit, Phyllis, Fox, and Reina

Photos by Mack Baker
Artists: Baz, Ankit, Phyllis, Fox, and Reina

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