Queer Joy

Queerful Diaries: A Fashion Blog

Queerful is a blog and platform that supports individual storytelling within the many generations of queer people in our community. Our focus is to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community by sharing content such as LGBTQ history/facts, first-person narratives, and personal photos/reflection, that are being generously shared with us by LGBTQ+ elders and other members of our […]

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Queer Transparencies

When first asked to articulate the meaning of queer joy, many of us struggled to find the language. Acknowledging both the joyful bits, as well as the difficult bits, felt most salient. Right away, we recognized the nuances – the wonderful, the awkward, the sometimes painful. Revisiting specific moments of queer joy helped make the

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Anthology & Visual Essay

The Queer* Joy Project anthology and visual essay tries to bring to life the oral histories that we share in the LGBTQ Intergenerational Dialogues project. This project focuses on stories of love in various forms; familial, romantic, crushes, from inside and outside the closet. Fox Graham, Emerald Jean, Marti Smith, Don Bell, Rain Shanks A

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Places of Queer Joy

Esti Shapiro, Sarah Evers, Lillian Climo, David Hubbell A group-generated map documenting places of queer joy and the stories behind them. Add to it by manipulating the map to the left or clicking the button below for full page access. View Map Queer joy is a many-layered thing. In our group discussions, we emphasized the

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Storytelling On Queer Joy

For the culmination of the 2020 semester, students in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Intergenerational Dialogues class–along with other members of the Dialogues group–worked through the highs, lows, and muddiness of “queer joy” through spoken word.

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