Rainbow Warriors

Rainbow Warriors is a drag performance based upon the embodiment of queer and trans joy. The drag characters and outfits we have created come from our pure expression of our power from within.

We created Rainbow Warriors to celebrate individual trans and queer self love via performance, dance, presentation, in the face of adversity.

Personal inspirations include: our personal histories (including being at Stonewall), Cabaret (movie and play), The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the history of drag artists of Chicago (especially Miss Tilley’s Drag Fashion collection and Dirty Old Lady of Chicago VHS Tapes at Gerber/Hart Library & Archives), Beatnix Drag Shop, Claude Cahun, Bauhaus (the artistic movement and the band), and indie pop band Of Montreal. Our work draws from all of these inspirations through our outfits, performance style, and gender presentation.

Artists: Lonnie Kennebrew, Ric Medici, Basil Maclachlan, Sainte Gomez

Materials: Clothing, Beads, Chains, Wire, Face Paint, Makeup

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