The Infinite Nature of Queering

This installation is constructed with an amalgamation of materials, including but not limited to Plexiglass, paint, beads, yarn, embroidery floss, paper, collaged magazines, torn apart books, stickers, deconstructed venetian blinds, wood, screws, tinsel, mesh, balloons, ribbon, and glue.

We created this piece to explore a variety of topics all within the context of exploration, deconstruction, and rebuilding. As a group, we are interested in how we come to be who we are within the LGTBQIA+ community and beyond it. We are figuring out how to represent the act of constructing an ever-changing identity, engaging with the breakdown of linear time, and destroying boundaries and barriers. We are investigating constraints and contradictions in order to explore what being queer can mean to us, and to you the viewer (whether or not you are a part of the community). We have been inspired by our research into the mobius strip, DNA, and genetics, as well as by looking at the art and installations of Nick Cave and historical calendars and agendas from the Gerber/Hart archive. The variety of materials and artistic genres reflects this search, and we hope you will engage with our piece. It is an installation meant to be walked through, meant to be touched, meant to be played within. We hope it confuses you and excites you, catches your eye and your hand. Welcome to The Infinite Nature of Queering.

Photos by Mack Baker
Artists: Christina Cipriani Xavier, Helen Haug, Sage Ratliff, Jamila Johnson, and Amanda Mendelsohn

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