Between and Beyond: Where Queer Paths Cross

In order to culminate our work together within the LGBTQ+ Intergenerational Dialogue Project, we decided to create a zine and accompanying video to further investigate intergenerational differences and similarities that emerged across various aspects of our identities and relationships.

We started off by collecting and sharing mementos and stories that reflect different aspects of our queer identities. Next, we highlighted moments of connection and identified themes that emerged from these mementos and stories. In most cases, the overlapping themes were not immediately obvious—our ideas changed over time, and through continuous conversation. As we started composing our ideas into images and layouts for the pages of our zine, we had fun collaborating to determine visual and text elements on each page. Each partnership led to different approaches that reflected the different one-on-one relationships. Katia and Reina got together for a photoshoot. Donald and Philip reminisced about sweet queer memories from time spent in NYC. The creative process was filled with laughter as we shared feedback on our work-in-progress and eventually reached decisions together. Once the page designs were finished, we arranged a meeting over zoom to record conversations and discuss the images and themes in more detail.

From the outset, our group was very willing to listen to one another. While we were meeting each other for the first time within this project, there was a sense of respect and harmony to even our first conversations. Over the course of the project, our relationships have solidified and deepened. We’ve gained a sense of love and a willingness to show up in solidarity with each other, acknowledging we all have powerful perspectives to bring to the world.

Artists: Philip Berezney, Katia Klemm, Donald Johnson, Reina Mathis

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