Love & Visibility

Served With Love

This semester Arden, Mack, Jordan, and Edna, through our bi-weekly discussions, found that we all shared a deep love of food. We all love cooking, and Edna even worked as a chef at some point. We also found our discussions to continue to reflect upon our shared and unshared dualities. We all had different experiences […]

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The Unending Transition

A collaboratively-written and performed poem Our group started conversation with a want to focus on poetry and storytelling to relate the major differences and similarities between our experiences. The biggest thing that stood out to us in all of our experiences was that regardless of our ages and upbringings, none of us felt our identities

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Between and Beyond: Where Queer Paths Cross

In order to culminate our work together within the LGBTQ+ Intergenerational Dialogue Project, we decided to create a zine and accompanying video to further investigate intergenerational differences and similarities that emerged across various aspects of our identities and relationships. We started off by collecting and sharing mementos and stories that reflect different aspects of our

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Not a Quilt

We decided to make a physical fibers piece focusing on our journeys to queer radical self love and acceptance. In our discussions this semester, we repeatedly returned to the ideas of self acceptance and queer joy and the journeys we have gone through as individuals and as a part of the wider tapestry that is

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