Iridescent Footprints

What Brings You Queer/LGBTQIA+ Joy?

This piece is a collaborative, crowd sourced project meant to encapsulate the spectrum of queer joy. Our group is interested in documenting queer/LGBTQIA+ joy. We want to highlight the highs of being LGBTQIA+ even when we are faced with hardships, past and present. Our trip to the Gerber/Hart Library & Archives–specifically the archive on the […]

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The Lavender Corridor

One of the few luxuries queer people have in life is to choose their own family. We choose to form clusters of queer magic filled with support and love we want and deserve, as too many of us do not have access to it from our given families. As a group we decided to explore

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The Infinite Nature of Queering

This installation is constructed with an amalgamation of materials, including but not limited to Plexiglass, paint, beads, yarn, embroidery floss, paper, collaged magazines, torn apart books, stickers, deconstructed venetian blinds, wood, screws, tinsel, mesh, balloons, ribbon, and glue. We created this piece to explore a variety of topics all within the context of exploration, deconstruction,

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Rainbow Warriors

Rainbow Warriors is a drag performance based upon the embodiment of queer and trans joy. The drag characters and outfits we have created come from our pure expression of our power from within. We created Rainbow Warriors to celebrate individual trans and queer self love via performance, dance, presentation, in the face of adversity. Personal

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Love Letters

Dear visitors, This exhibit is dedicated to people whom we loved and to people who loved us. Love is what connects us and keeps us together. These love letters show the different ways we experienced love during our life. While still relying on paper to write letters, we have also used other mediums like paintings,

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Call Me?

Call Me? is a moveable, archivable wall layered with words and images that LGBTQ+ people use to self-describe that will grow over time as audiences respond to what is already there. This work aims to document the messy and contradictory nature of trying to pin down LGBTQ+ life in self-contained terms and symbols–as well as

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Mack Baker

These plates are part of an ongoing series trying to reimagine Judy Chicago’s dinner party within a queer lineage. The social practice accompanied by these plates was enacted in a series of dinners held as a part of the dialogue project with Jordan Barrant, Arden Allman, and Edna Hill. Abundance202222” acrossPorcelain Not Polite202211” acrossPorcelain, Luster

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