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Project Spotlight: Love & Visibility

Not a Quilt

We decided to make a physical fibers piece focusing on our journeys to queer radical self love and acceptance....

Between and Beyond: Where Queer Paths Cross

In order to culminate our work together within the LGBTQ+ Intergenerational Dialogue Project, we decided...

Disrupting Invisibility: The Disorientation of Invisibility

Why the group decided to do what they did:     We worked at our individual homes/studios as we didn’t...

The Unending Transition

A collaboratively-written and performed poem Our group started conversation with a want to focus on poetry...

Served With Love

This semester Arden, Mack, Jordan, and Edna, through our bi-weekly discussions, found that we all shared...

Project Spotlight: Space/Place/Community

Our Alternative Archive Chat Song Media Mixtape What is Ur Queer Lens

Image: Still from John Waters’ film Pink Flamingos This is a documentation mixtape of conversations we...

LGBTQ Spaces

This map contains both archival and interview research of LGBTQ community and space for LGBTQ individuals...

All Together Now! A Queer Game of Time and Place

We hope you enjoy this trivia game set in queer chicago.As you make your way around the board, remember...

Roads to LGBTQ+ Community Housing - A Combination Board Game & Educational Tool

This project includes a game board, two decks of cards, an instructions booklet, and an envelope to hold...

Communal Altar to Queer Safety and Home

Our altar project grew from the idea of using the birdcage as a metaphor for home, safety, freedom, and...

Project Spotlight: Summer Comics Workshop

In the summer of 2021, two of our younger participants, Fox and Rain, created and ran an intergenerational comics workshop. A small group of youngers and elders from the dialogue project met bi-weekly over Zoom to create a comics zine. Together, mostly over Zoom, they came up with a plan of approach, topic, and artistic style, and created the materials through skill sharing and co-making.
Gay Generations: A Comic Anthology

Gay Generations is a comic anthology made during the summer of 2021 by four participants of The LGBTQ+...

Project Spotlight: On Queer Joy

During the fall of 2020, project co-facilitators Adam Greteman and Karen Morris co-taught a class at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago centered around The LGBTQ+ Intergenerational Dialogue Project. Participants decided to collaborate in small intergenerational groups on projects exploring and celebrating the many layers of “queer joy.”

Read through the project descriptions below and follow the links to learn more. You can learn more about the class here.

Queerful Diaries: A Fashion Blog

Queerful is a blog and platform that supports individual storytelling within the many generations of...

Queer Transparencies

When first asked to articulate the meaning of queer joy, many of us struggled to find the language. Acknowledging...

Anthology & Visual Essay

The Queer* Joy Project anthology and visual essay tries to bring to life the oral histories that we share...

Places of Queer Joy

Esti Shapiro, Sarah Evers, Lillian Climo, David Hubbell A group-generated map documenting places of queer...

Storytelling On Queer Joy

For the culmination of the 2020 semester, students in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's Intergenerational...

More Projects by Dialogue Participants

We Are Everywhere Chicago
28 November 2023
Exploring space and community of LGBTQ+ Chicago through interviews with QPOC and transgender elders....
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Alphabet Soup
28 November 2023
ExTV presents: Alphabet Soup. LGBT, LGBTQIA+, Queer, deviant; the community uses lots of terms to describe...
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15 February 2021
by Marti Smith I once had a T shirt that read “Farm Grown and Illinois Good.” I grew...
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A Conversation on "Butch"
01 September 2020
A recorded conversation over Zoom between members of the project on lesbian identity and the evolution...
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Conscious Preservation
01 June 2020
by Todd Williams Aging sheds skinLayers so thinYou change before you know it.Youth with beautyPride...
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Two Poems
15 May 2020
Photograph by Lucy Elam   Perihelion As the earth sweeps from perihelion towards July’s aphelion,The...
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How We Love You
07 May 2020
the first in a series of letters Do not cry for us, dear ones.There is no cause for grieving, here,...
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07 May 2020
Music by Lillian Climo Throughout quarantine, I have been doing my best to remain creative. Sometimes...
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Queers in Opera
07 April 2020
Opera fans who are lgtbq or + may wonder if we are represented in opera. We are, but, like many of us...
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